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Quinn Fabray [Glee]
2 July
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Cheerio. Singer. Dancer. Fag Hag. Queen Bee.
Lucy Quinn Fabray is a senior at William McKinley High School. She has been a Cheerio several times, but her struggle with loyalties almost always leads her back to the Glee club, the people who were her friends when she wasn't at the height of her popularity.

Despite bad choices in the past, and even up until very recently, Quinn is highly intelligent, making straight A's and scoring a spot in next year's freshman class at Yale. Her dream was nearly taken away when a horrible accident temporarily took her ability to walk, but putting in the hard yards at physical therapy helped her to recover, and she is now walking again. She will be graduating at the end of the school year and going to Yale.
Beyond McKinley (beyondmckinley)
Quinn graduated McKinley and set her sights on the shining lights of New York City, tagging along with the darling fag to her hag, Kurt Hummel, and joined by close friends Mercedes Jones and Louise Hamilton. She went to Marymount Manhattan University as a psych major, where she is a junior now. It was at a party at the apartment she shared with Kurt that he ran into high school flame Blaine Anderson, and their whole world suddenly changed.

Within the next year, Blaine was still recovering from an attack that nearly took his life, and he and Kurt were legally married in Boston. Things finally seemed to maybe be coming back around and looking up, when Kurt's devastating diagnosis of cancer threatened everything they had fought for, and changed their lives again. It was the realization that life is, in fact too short, that gave Quinn the courage to put her heart on the line again and give things a shot with new boyfriend and Blaine's former Dalton roommate, Lucas James. The two of them and the rest of the Ohio crew, along with new friends, hang close together, serving as a support system for the Hummel-Andersons.
Hello, Broadway! (hellobroadway)
When they graduated high school, Quinn Fabray and Mike Chang had been no more than just good friends. Quinn had hooked up with fellow God Squad member Joe Hart after he helped her through physical therapy, and Mike was going strong with girlfriend Tina Cohen-Chang. Quinn had nearly decided not to go to Yale, but when Mike got accepted to their dance program, he encouraged her to go, too, promising that she’d have a friend there in him. Thankfully, Quinn regained her ability to walk before going off to Yale, but that didn’t change the appreciation she had for seeing a friendly face on campus.

Unfortunately, at the time, the distance took its toll on Mike’s relationship with Tina, and Quinn’s with Joe, and within a few weeks of each other, both Mike and Quinn found themselves single. What started in the first few months post-breakups as commiseration, ended up strengthening their friendship even more, and by the start of the next school year, Mike and Quinn had become an item.

The pair graduated together, Mike with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, and Quinn with a Bachelor of Business Administration. Once they were out of school, the bright lights of New York (and the voices of their best friends) called to them, and they made the move from Connecticut to New York City, where they decided it was time to take the next step in their relationship, moving in together.

Broadway beckoned to them both, but in very different ways, and while Mike took to the stage as a dancer, Quinn went to work for one of the top Broadway talent agencies in the city. They live together in a two-bedroom (or one-bedroom, one-dance studio slash office) apartment in Midtown Manhattan, and keep in close contact with all of their friends in the City... At least when their busy schedules allow.
In Love In London (inloveinlondon)
Quinn's dreams at the start of high school were to get married young to Finn Hudson, have a few kids, and be a perfect wife and mother and a perfect little Christian girl. All that changed, however, after she had, and consequently gave up for adoption, a baby girl by Finn's best friend and resident bad boy, Noah Puckerman.

Soon after becoming pregnant, she joined the McKinley High Glee Club, and began a friendship with one Kurt Hummel. While Rachel Berry may have gotten most of the solos, there was no question between the fag-hag duo who the true HBICs of the group were. As they grew closer, Quinn learned more and more about herself and the misconceptions she had built in her mind about people.

After high school, Quinn went to Arizona State University and majored in journalism. She's been a staff writer for a women's magazine for a few years, starting off as the mail girl after graduation, but quickly moving up. She didn't join the mass exodus to London, but was there, obviously, when Kurt and long-time boyfriend Blaine Anderson were married.

She kept in touch with Kurt as much as possible, but, as much as enjoyed her job with the magazine, she missed her old friends dearly. And when the idea hit her that could provide excellent writing material, a precious gift to Kurt and Blaine, and an extended period of time with her friends? Quinn took it and ran with it... All the way to London.
We're Glee Family (weregleefamily)
Lucy Quinn Fabray was born to Karen and Joseph Fabray, and whilst her beautiful mother couldn't have been happier with her new baby girl, her biological father was a bastard who was resentful that the baby wasn't a boy. He had been determined to get a son as first born, coming from a rich and snooty background and his parents never approved of the average girl nextdoor type that Karen was. He ended up walking out on her when Quinn was just a month old, and it was Karen's old high school sweetheart, Burt Hummel, that came to the rescue and helped her. They used to be so deeply in love and when he helped her out, the old sparks were discovered again and they soon reunited romantically, complete with a quickie wedding with Burt vowing to do the right thing this time, taking care of her and the baby, even if she wasn't biologically his.

It was only three months after their wedding when Quinn was nearly three months old that Karen discovered she was pregnant again. Apparently the age-old myth that you couldn't get pregnant when breastfeeding was very debunked. And whilst things were already tight, both Karen and Burt couldn't have been more happier to have another baby on the way. Seven months later, and six weeks premature, they welcomed son, Kurt. The family were so close as the children grew up and Quinn and Kurt were inseparable. But when Quinn was ten and Kurt a week shy of his ninth birthday, Karen succumbed to a long battle with breast cancer and died, leaving Burt a single father of the two children. It was a struggle losing their mom, and Burt did the best he could, even if his own grief caused him to struggle and slip in bonding with his children, especially Kurt who needed the father figure. It was during this time that Kurt and Quinn's relationship just strengthened to water-tight. But they got there in the end, and now Burt has met a new love in the mother of Kurt and Quinn's classmate (and Quinn's ex), Finn Hudson.
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